Panther Creek

This course has six different tees to choose from. With water throughout the course, accuracy is a premium. The course also features a popular par 3 island green.

Course Tour

Hole 1

Off the tee with a slight left to right shot. The fairway narrows around the 150 yard marker. A good tee shot will open up to this mostly flat green. The green is elevated, so an extra club might be in order.

Hole 2

A 3 wood or hybrid is the play off this tee. Hug the left side of the fairway, the bunker on the right side will increase the difficulty of this short hole.

Hole 3

This right to left dog leg Par 4 gives the player ample room to give it your all off the tee. The only bunker on the hole can be deceiving because there is still 20 yards to the front of the green. Be sure you aim well, an errant shot could lead to a long putt for the birdie.

Hole 4

All you got, plus some. 750 yards of fairway in front of you is awfully daunting. Don't try to kill it. A good drive and 2 three woods will give you an easy wedge into this large green.

Hole 5

The upside-down bowl. The area surrounding the green spells death on this Par 3. Accuracy and distance are a must. A little left or right of the target could find you fishing for your ball.

Hole 6

35,000 golf balls are plucked out of the water on the right side of this hole every year. A good second shot below the pin on this hole is a must.

Hole 7

Island Green. While there is plenty of area to miss the green, this 7,000 square foot green could very easily lead to a 3 putt if you are not accurate off the tee.

Hole 8

A good Par 5 does not always mean hit driver off the tee. The large oak situated in a transition from one fairway to another and could hinder the second shot if you are too close. The narrow, but long green is well guarded with water on the left and two pot bunkers on the right.

Hole 9

This is the 2nd smallest green on the course. Club selection is key. Check the tops of the trees before selecting your club.

Hole 10

Carry the bunker on the dog leg right and this hole is a breeze. Miss it right and a big number could be in your future.

Hole 11

This deep green puts club selection at a premium. A little left off the tee and the possibility of fishing could be what you are doing for your ball.

Hole 12

Right or left off the tee brings trees in to play. Be sure and take enough club for your approach shot, it does play uphill.

Hole 13

A well-placed drive on this dog leg left Par 5 and you can get home in two. A green that gradually slopes from back to front is very receptive to a long second shot. You need to be below the hole for your putt.

Hole 14

A tricky deep green and enough club make this hole a challenge. A tee shot landing in the fringe stays put.

Hole 15

Miss the bunker on the left and a birdie is definitely in the picture. Straight ahead Par 5. What you see is what you get.

Hole 16

Good luck! Bunkers on the left and canal on the right. This is the smallest green on the campus.

Hole 17

Left to right off the tee. Bombers take it over the big oak and a wedge is all that is left. A little left off the tee and you have gone swimming.

Hole 18

Pull or push your tee shot, re-tee and hit again. A big drive and an even better second shot and you can get home in two, but think about an extra club to the elevated green. The beginning of the bridge is 100 yards from the green. The canal in front of the green brings in over 25,000 golf balls per year.

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